My mesh is still not attached to the rig.

Hi everyone,

I’m finding it very difficult to attach this mesh to this skeleton, here’s what i’ve tried:

ctrl+p parenting with automatic weights (optimistic but failed. I get the error “Bone Heat Weighting: Failed to find solutions for one or more bones”)
I’ve tried turning on subsurf, removing doubles but a lot of the other possible solutions I can only find in different versions of blender so I can’t find the right menus.

I really need to get past this and into animating so i’d like to do everything manually to avoid future issues. I’m new to this part of the process so does anyone know of any good resources on how I can assign each bone to the correct part of the mesh? I can only find bipedal tutorials and they use the automatic weights thing first but I doubt I can in this case.

I hope i’ve explained my predicament properly, it’s nearly 3am here and i’m ill :frowning:

Thank you for your time,



Hi Jack
yea its a pita when blender does not do the weight paint for you. You could try go with empty weights and weight paint the model yourself worst part would be the fingers

Hi mate thanks for the reply. are there any tutorials you could reccommend for that method? I’m new to this stage of rigging.

All that I am thinking is YIKES. I suggest practicing on biped and quadruped rigging before you go into Bi-quadru-ped. Biped is a two legged character and a quadruped is four legged. Bi-quadru-ped is a mix, almost consider this a Tri-ruped?

If you still want to go through with this I suggest thinking of the mesh as two bodies. Head, Neck, Chest, Spine, and Hips is on a basic rig. Think of attaching another chest, spine, and hips to the horse part. Really I have not seen any tutorials that would help with this complex rigging. Really, I would start learning quadruped and biped rigging before I came back to this model.

As advanced as this rig will be… You may want some nice quality tutorials. There is a rigging DVD/Download in the Blender store site, DVD training 8: Humane Rigging

I know right!? XD
I’ve rigged a few bipeds before but pretty much every tutorial I could find starts with rigify (which just wont work here from when I tried it) and ends with parenting with automatic weights.
I’m determined to get this thing rigged however and you know what, if I cant find any tutorials on how to rig something like this then when I do figure it out I’ll do a tutorial vid.

have you made sure it’s symmetrical? I have had problems with this in the past… Still having problems actually…The model cannot be asymmetrical on the x axis… you can going and change it later.

I think you may just have to do the hard yards and do some manual weight painting, I had the same issue with my Kragnour model, The heat map gave me a good starting point for most of the mesh but the stomach area was staying behind, I added a couple more bones to the problem area then a copy rotation constraint to limit how much
rotation it copied over and finaly some manual weight painting.

If Blender had this (See Link ) then it would be a lot easier

Post a pic of your rig so we can see the location of your bones and the problem areas…

Here are the bones i used to help fill the void with the heat map, still had to do manual weight mapping but they gave me an easier starting point, .