My Model has blocky shadows


As seen in my 3 screenshots, I am having problems making my model have nice shadows.
I tried in 2.82 and also tried 2.79 thinking it was a weird cycles thing in 2.82


I enabled subsurface

I then also increased Light size from 0.1 to 0.3

Am I forgetting something?, I also has another project where I was experiencing really sharp vertex/face shadows! on a cylinder… Not sure whats going on


Hi, did you try Object -> Shade smooth?
If that doesn’t help it, check out the normals smoothness angle manually by turning off auto smooth in Object Data Properties -> Normals
(you’ll need to shade smooth first before doing that)
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I checked my shading… was ok.

So I improved shadows by using 1x subsample, change light size to above 1.0

And another was node setup… displacement was effecting shadows a bit!

Anyways it’s good now… just hope the large light size won’t cause Ill effect later

What is your bump node settings? A strength 1 and distance 0.001 (from a black to white input) mimics a bump height of 0.001m (1mm) at strength 1. Show the node setup and images used.

What is your object dimensions/scale ?
It may happen with extremly large object if i’m right.
Maybe try to change the shadow map resolution otherwise