My movie Natura and the next Open Movie

Hi guys!
It has come to my attention recently some concept art from the next open movie. It more or less resembles the design of the short film Natura that we did five years ago using Blender. I feel strange because I’m in the process of producing a feature film using the same characters (and some more) in a new story, and the new O.M. may cause some confusion to my co-producers and potential distributors.

An early concept frame for my short:

And an animation test.

I’m here introducing the project to the BBC_
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And the concept art I’m talking about:

And the tweet were I learned about it

Just wanted to share my toughts with all of you.

I wouldn’t worry about it. The only thing it has in common is that you use tiny mushroom people too and your background is in a forest. Its not suprising you went for the most well known and pretty mushroom in existence and chose a nice complimentary green to go with it. As did the BF. :slight_smile:

The style itself is completely different where the characters from Sprite Fright are much more cartoony in proportions. They aren’t dressed for example and have much chunkier hands, almost mickey mouse glove in proportions.

I don’t think anyone in their right mind would think you nicked the idea. :man_shrugging:

Good luck. Nice demo

Hmmm, they’re close indeed, but “mushroom people” are pretty standard as far as cute forest characters go, it’s not like it’s an incredible coincidence. As @3dioot says that’s where the likeness stops. Now it is unfortunate that these two movies happen to be produced around the same time. Or maybe it’s not ?

In any case, I really dig the excerpt you showed. The animation is pretty good, and the integration effective.

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Yeah, you know, mushroom people are not exactly an original concept, and it’s not like you’re marketing your animation as a project related to Blender, so I don’t think people will be confused.

I do worry, tho. But thanks for your nice comment.

Well, my short is 4 years old, so not produced at the same time.

Actually the short was announced as a project related to Blender. We included the Blender logo in the credits, to be fair. Thanks for your comment.

I was referring to this bit