My name was changed..

Hello All,
I’ve recently noticed that a lot of people on here didn’t know that I had my name changed… My old name was “the _ creator” but, now I’ve gotten it changed to “TheMonkeyCreator”

I’ve also been told that they thought I was some noob hahah.:stuck_out_tongue: But, actually I’m “the _ creator”

So, anyways I just wanted to say that I’m not a noob! hahahah. Also, that I would like for you to post below saying whether, or not you knew, before this thread, if you knew who I was lolz…

Please, and thank you for your time! :smiley:


Well, you certainly have more options to choose from now. Now you can make capuchins, spider monkeys, marmosets, you name it! Compare that to before, when you could only make underscores. Maybe soon you should raise the bar again and rename yourself “The Mammal Creator” for even more options!


…lol. Glad to know that moderators have a sense of humor at times too. Yeah the “underscore” creator was kind of a name I never noticed until you pointed this event out. Have a great day!

lol, then “TheGod” :smiley:

Oh, I thought you were a noob when you were the_creator, because I was new, and for some reason I to me you wrote like a noob wrote… I don’t know… But I know better now. lol

@plantpersonandKbot- It is nice, and funny, to know that mods have a sense of humor.:stuck_out_tongue:
@linux-Yea, I did use to write like a noob, but now I’ve gotten better at my writing, and spelling lolz.

But, look at me now I’ve even made a very simple server, and client setup lolz.:cool:

I have a great sense of humor, but usually people don’t get my jokes. I thought that would be the case here, too, but for some reason it worked this time.

Hahaha… I’ve understood that you, and oto, have made a lot of jokes over the time I’ve been here.

But, a lot of oto’s jokes I just never understood… Probably cause a lot of his jokes where from a “Time Before Me” hahah.

So your in the monkey business then?

Yea hahahahah.

I’m definitely in the monkey business:p!!!

wait. The _ creator. Is there a the_creator (with no spaces)?

Apparently cause I couldn’t use it when I first made my account. :smiley:

How about the,,Kre8tor,or, Cre8tor

Oh,and do you create Gorillas also ?

Ohyea, totally!!!

Those names sound to much like bot names!!!

hahahah I don’t want to steal the “bots” of this forum’s names… :smiley:

You create gorillas even though you’re the monkey creator? I love unadvertised features!

hahahah. :smiley:

At least I can understand your jokes!

-points at oto- unlike some people I know that make jokes that are WAY before my time. :stuck_out_tongue: