my new avatar

here is my new avatar. what you think? :smiley:

i made it myself :slight_smile:
The avatar in full size:

Oooh, niiiice! I really like it! How did you make it?

Btw, do you like my new Matrix avatar? It’s the first animated one I’ve had.

Looks nice Nor.J, little yellow trough th red, maybe make the red dripping blood or something :stuck_out_tongue:

yea pretty cool , im guessing you r gonna use that on msn now :P. i might make myself an avatar, r2blend: yea i like it i said that to my older bro the other day :P. goes of and starts on an avatar btw how do u make avatar’s in blender , do u need to make the size really small?

65X65 and Under 8K

That’s all you need to keep in mind.

huh okcool r2blend cheers for the info goes of for real (laughing at his bro (read the ghost thread)) to make avatar

nice avatar.

what does it signify?

im not shure, but i will use it in my game thought… :wink:

It looks like the bio-hazard symbol.


It looks a lot like this guy’s avatar…

which is pretty much a copy of the bio-hazard symbol :wink:


Do you guys really have to fish for compliments this obviously? Make a kickass avatar and people will mention it.

i just wanned to hear what people thaught about it :-?

valarking is always spreading his derision about. he’s a real sourpuss. I think your avatar is well designed.

thanks, but ‘fish for compliments’?
I dont do this to get compliments, i do it so i can hear what i could do better and if people like it or not.

Idn’t that what the WIP forum is for? :-?

hmm, i never looked there, i thaugh this was rely off topic, sorry then