My new FPS that completed!

Hey guys, I’ve been gone for a while. You know with school and all that crap. Well anyways over the break I made an FPS that is pretty cool.


Leave me some feedback guys, thanks! :slight_smile:

Before anyone downloads, I’d like to ask a question.

Why does the screen shot look like the 2nd level of the 007 game from the N64, the shot looks like a perfect ultra minimized screenshot of that game from the textures to how the ammo is displayed?

huh? Whats the problem here?

Oh Man!!! Cyborg Dragon is right!!! DON’t DOWNLOAD!!! IT’S NOT THE GAME!!!

KARAOKE: You are a sick person. AND bad at blender.

Don’t download!!!

That screen, I think I recognize that scene from Goldeneye 007 of the N64. The textures look the same, the gun looks the same, and the ammo system looks the same

No doubt it is!!!

Oh look!! The screenshot link is gone!!

lol owned:D

Ha ha!!

I bet he gets banned for this.

Hey flowers, Did you say i suck at modeling? ummmm look at your icon. It looks like you tried to copy the halo 2 spartan mask and put a gay texture on there. And oh, dragon if you want me to be more specific about his icon i believe he did the model before master chief completed level 3 of halo 2, you know the metropolis, ya i thought so.

hey dragon, how would you reconize this, unless your a 40 yr old virgin who still plays his N64 because your too cheap to buy a 360 or ps3, you know if your bad with the ladies, you should by Dead or Alive for the 360, its a nice game, OH WAIT, your too cheap, cause you sit at home all day and play goldeneye


Not what I had in mind when I made the template.

tssk tssk… OH MR MOD!!!..kar. this is just pathetic…makeing fun of an avatar i bet he didnt make, and even so it’s better then urs…beware of monkeys! they have fingers! lol but…ya…dont…lol…and kar…maybe ur just talking…im not gonna say it…HAVE FUN BEING BANNED!

Yay, I owned someone:)

I’m not 40 years old, but I am old enough to have played the N64 and thus play Goldeneye, my friends used to play it all the time.

Yeah Social, looks like somebody finaly snapped under your brutaly honest remarks. heh heh.

Karaoke: May I ask what you are trying to accomplish with this thread except perversion??

Correction: you are not bad at modeling, but your choice of modeling…

P.S. - My avatar is of a character BASED on Halo’s masterchief. Heck, if it was supposed to look like masterchief it would of looked a lot more like masterchief.

from what ive seen dude social rocks at blender

Here is a new screen of a game:

Oh and social, you know I made this. Hey guys just to let you know me and Social used to be partners back in 2003. And we were gonna make an FPS that was comercial quality. And i did all the work, while his lazy ass sat back and watched porn all day. Then he just stole my file last week. He is gay!

yeah, AND python.

Unless you have 2 or 3 others saying the same thing, that’s hard to believe. You are sad.

Shall the mods come and give him the boot.

I couldn’t find any good cowboy boots to kick him with but this should do just fine.

OMG!!! i just turned around and social was looking through my window holding a bottle of lotion and klenex!!! THAT SICK BASTARD!!!