my new gallery

(blenderage) #1

If just uploaded my web site and gallery take a look and tell me hat you think.

(blengine) #2

very very cool…but a super slow server :x im dling the pics at 400 BYTES/second…ouch

oooo, why on earth are your pics on flash pages alone?? it takes like 6 minutes for one pic to load, lmao…and theyre small size(like 300x200) pics… just setup a black html page with the pic on it.unless its your image size…compress them!
well, i love the design, but your using flash, why dont u keep one main page and have everything load into a window there…right now your loading seperate flash pages for everything and it takes soooo long =(
u prolly have dsl dont u? always forget about the little(28k-56k) guys =(

(PILER) #3

ya dude find a new server… i cant even look at ur pics takes so long to load- and i got dsl

(aeddan23) #4

I would have looked at it, but as the only thing I see is a blank spot for Flash stuff, I’m going to skip it.

Seeing as how it is (I presume) just still images, put them up as plain images in basic HTML, so we can at least see them (otherwise, how can we comment on them?

(blenderage) #5

thanks for the replies. I only actually have a 56k modem, and on my flash bandwith profiler it says the max anything takes to load is 10 secs. Obviously the sever is to blame, so does anyone have any suggestions?
Ill put the pics on to html pages no problem there… I will make an alternative html version for the site when i get the time, its just im lazy and flash is so easy to use took about 2 hours to make the site. As for the pictures loading up what the best way to compress them they’re already jpegs so hat else do i need to them?
Thanks for the suggestions im still new to the site building lark.

(Bentagon) #6

Maybe you can put different scenes into your flash object and make your buttons with “go to scene nr.” (or use more frames: “go to frame nr.”) so you only have to load the whole site once…

This might take long, so I suggest to design a loading bar wich shows how much percent you’ve loaded. If you don’t know how to do these things, there are some good tutorials at

I’ve also found 1 little mistake, isn’t really bad tho, but you can fix it if you want: the button with “older news >” only reacts when your cursor really goes over the word, so sometimes you think you’ve clicked it but it doesn’t load. This can be very irritating, so you might wanna put a black filled rectangle behind it (in the button of course, not in your scene)…

hope this helps,