my new game project

hi i’m an italian game developer and i’m gonna show you some screen about the my new game project,This game is based on a post-apocalyptic, I’m still working on the crafting system will post a video when the game is in alpha, for now I will continue to work on the game map and the character animations, weapons and enemies. tell me if you like :slight_smile: it or not:mad:.

ok the buggy need more work XD
i hope you enjoy and BYE!:stuck_out_tongue:

here more screen!

I like your modeling very much,

I have been working on an in game assembly system (mine craft style building with rigid bodies)

and weapons manager…


Great !:slight_smile: Everything looks so smooth!!!
Is it 1st or 3rd person?

^ fit the side of the texture to its top


THANK YOU!:smiley:
thank you so much for the information, the game is 1ST

it looks nice!! what are you using for texturing the map?? the ground, i mean

Looks nice, almost seems like there is a tiny outline on some of the objects, My game also takes place in a post-apocalyptic area. I’ve got some assets you could have if you’re interested.

nice,perfect work.
goodluck with your game.

Its looking great love the world texture i like the orange theme look , lovely stuff

Reminds me of Rage with that cute buggy thing