My new game...

(freckleface) #1

I’ve been doing my paper-route for three years (sincee I was 12) and I have always thought of a better way to deliver the papers. Well here it is.

As to what it is…It’s a paper machine. What is a paper machine you ask? Well it’s a machine that shoots newspapers. That thing that looks like a gun on top is really a newspaper gun.

I originaly wanted it to be on top of a dune buggy but that seemed a bit unstable so I put it on top of a tank.

Thanks for all the comments in advance.


(freckleface) #2

duh forgot the pic…

sorry but you’ll have to copy

(Timothy) #3

hahaha excellent dude,

really strange but cool idea,

only comment I can make is that it might not work in reallife since I think it will tumble due to the big front.

Anyways I can’t wait to see this game

(freckleface) #4

umm…I’ve never done a game before so if some ppl could provide me with some useful tutorials thats would be cool.

The tank is supported in the front by one wheel. If you think it should be diff. tell me.

The textures are pretty high resolution right now. I’ll convert them to a lower res. when I’m done.

I’m welcoming any ideas…


(slikdigit) #5

nice paper-tank!

(Switchblade) #6

I like the pic… the texture work is good, better than mine :wink: Keep it up