My new homepage!

Hey, check out my work-in-progress new homepage:


(Now only works 3-4 menu.)

Nice site, very pleasant stuff.

There’s a grammar error though. On front page you say “…this pages” and it should be “… these pages” or “… this page”, same error on your handicrafts page.

Site is really nice, great showcase.

much better than the one before :slight_smile: this one is a bit bright on my monitor (I have this thing on white backgrounds) … but simple, working and fast… I like it.

about your picture. I have asked before, but there are new images on your gallery, and I have to ask again … :slight_smile:

how did you do the “3d_postapoc.jpg” ?
it doesn’t look anything like rendered… it looks like painted. how that is achieved?
the wobbling lines on shadows of the pipes… the corner with the tv… no straight lines anywhere… everything.
are these just veryvery messed up and grungy texturing, or a lot postproducting?

great stuff!
you are one of a kind…


i like your site - nice and simple, and a great 3d gallery btw :o

I am again. My homepage is “maybe finished”. :slight_smile: (With my bad english.)

(OFFTOPIC: You can download my musics at “music” button.)

Interesting sci-fi works. Really interesting and original.

Endi, your work with Blender is awesome.

Any chance of you writing a texturing tutorial?

Cool website.


Your galllery is really cool.
It amazes me what you have made with Blender.


All pictures in “3d works” made with Blender.
I use some post processing in Photoshop (adding noise/blur/color correction etc.) for better feeling and set atmosphere.

Most of pictures I use procedural textures! Yes, yes! With Blender’s basic procedural textures I can make very good things.

cool website, simple but nice design.

one thing though, the pic on the frontpage is kinda big, and there’s only text on it. if you really want it to be a pic, size it down.

I love it!

I really like the very simple yet elegant style of it and your Blender work is fantastic as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you dont mind me using a similar style to this when I finally create my own website.

Great webpage!

You are talented :slight_smile:

How did you get it to look like a painting? Everything seems somewhat tinted or something… not like a 3d model… It’s cool!

“News” section on my homepage is working! :slight_smile:


Small English correction on top page it reads “On this pages you can see my works”. Should read “On these pages you can see my works.”

Site is really really cool :slight_smile:

yo endi

i love your work… not only the 3d part…
i like when people love art in general that much. and you are really awesome :smiley:

keep it coming!