My new kitchen

It is my kitchen interior design.
Here are some of my renders.

Very beautiful. The only thing that sticks out the most is the scaling. It seems maybe the door is not scaled correctly? Or maybe this is an unusual door that actually looks like that. Either way, looking nice.

Looks very nice, I love the lights and the outside view. One suggestion make the camera view 90 degrees angle. and use shift if it doesn’t fit. Please post the new render here.

Nice material on the floor.

Great render!
That door doesn’t really anything to do whit the kitchen I think…
Great material on the wood floor, maybe the cracks are too big but it’s a great render!

Thanks for all comments.
All modellig is made in metric units. Existing element (including doors) is modeled from my mesurments. What is confusing about it is that additional wood like element above the door frame.
I rotated camera and added some shif as proposed.
I think it looks a lot nicer. Thanks for that.

And some latest renders

… from other angle.

So much better!!! Render 2 looks like a professional render.

Can you post a wireframe, looks like you used some spot lights under the upper cupboards, but I miss the modeled lamp :wink:

Nailed in the last render. some times it’s only about finding the right angle, isn’t?
Good work!

Thanks for all comments.
Actually you are right, theres no modeled downlights. I’m working on populating image with this kind of details.

And asked wireframe images: