My new puppy

Good lunch meat for my cat…


Maybe now your animals could eat it, but wait until it’s bigger. I have seen these dogs attack, yes you heard me right, attack German shepards and come out on top. They are very protective and dont like bigger dogs at all. They were originally bred for hunting badgers, and contrary to popular belief, badgers are not a small cute cuwdly rodents. They are big, mean vicous animals. Dachshunds are seriously tough dogs. Besides, this dog is only 5 weeks old. New forum proposal… DOG FIGHTS!!!

Lol yeah badgers are vicious bastards. Don’t believe what the cartoons tell you - it’s propaganda.

If we are comparing dogs, mine is an Irish wolfhound X Anatolian Shephard. Anatolian Shephards are a bit bigger than German Shephards and Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest dogs in the world, so yeah, it’s a big dog (about 130lbs).

That puppy is so cute!!! But how cute will it be when its eating ur socks? I know what thats like…

Yeah it is lucky u live in the US. coz otherwise ur dog would be named after… well i think we all get the picture… nah, just joking man.

Actually, with a name like that, it makes the question of a man’s REAL best friend somewhat confusing…

mines a boxer:D

mines a dog… like creature