my new site -

Well, I’ve finally gone and got my own domain name, and set up a proper website. My old site was just a subdomain, not to mention it wasn’t very nice looking.

Took hours and hours to get working with Safari, Firefox, AND IE… IE being the worst of course :slight_smile:

Although the code that I have personally written is W3 valid, unfortunately the WordPress plugin I use for my blog has invalid code, which is also spread across all the sections… meaning none of my site validates. Hopefully the developer will correct the code, then I can put my W3 stickers back on :slight_smile:

Comments on the site design are appreciated!

Dude, awesome stuff! I love the website… its so well organized, simple and plain yet has a comfortable feel to it.

Awesome gallery too ;). Now go fill it with Project Aqua stuff… jk… well not jk but yeah =P

Thanks for the post. I’m glad you like the design :slight_smile: