My New Site!

:smiley: My new Site is up at last. its Geocitie :frowning:
Heres the link

C&C please
wrong e-mail at Bottom of site pages should be [email protected]

Copy and paste is only needed when you directly link to an image. It isn’t needed for links to .html pages. GeoCities just wants to make sure you will see their ads on the right side.

Looks good, but I don’t like the disabled rightclick. The WIP gives a red X.

Nice little site you got there, not too much stuff but a good start

Really great! I love the graphics!

My only criticism is: you used Geoshitties :< , and you need to work on yor grammar/spelling. :wink:

:smiley: people like it!
there will be games and another gallery when i get round to scanning pics but apart from that i dont really know what to put on the site.

The wip a red cross because i want to start a game if i start a still wip ill keep starting them and wont get on with the game.
the right click block is to stop people save pics to hard drive so they go to site to see them. but if if you really want the pics on hard drive theres still a way but shhh…thinking about theres a few ways…:-?