My new site-

For the past few weeks I’ve been working a little at a time on a new site for my “company”.
(I don’t know if I can officially call it a company or not, it’s just the name I go by for all the movies I make, etc…).
I’m learning html as I go along, so I’m admittedly no pro.:eyebrowlift2:
Check it out, leave some c&c, and please be nice about the n00bishness of several pages. lol


i really really recommend that you look into CSS as you develop your site. iFrame is to be avoided big time.

If you want to continue to develop your site then CSS is a must for clear and smooth look. It may be confusing at first but it is one of those thing that I wish that I had learned when I first started on my site several years ago. If I did, it would’ve saved me a ton of headaches.

see my site to see how css have made it look much smoother,

why is there always a .CO and .INC in all of these websites that aren’t even registered as legit businesses…

Radscientist- Yeah, I know what you mean with the css. I’m actually working on learning that now, so I hope to apply it to the site soon. :o [edit] Oh, and I’m not using Iframes, just regular frames, if that makes any difference haha

Vitality- There isn’t a .co in the url. It’s just, which is the custom domain I chose. No, I’m not a true company(yet), but…

He’s refering to the actuall use of company and incorporated. not the domain name.

Ah, ok. I just figured he was talking about the url on my site. Sorry Vitality…

lol i dunno but it just aggravates me

people setting up bogus companies when they have absolutely no clue how to do it for real
and yes i do know how to do it, i actually registered a corporation and a regular business for the web

Lightspeed, instead of refering to it as a company, just call it your business.

Yeah I got confused for a second :o probably cause it have been so long ago since I’ve used either frame or iframe. If you are learning CSS and needs some help figuring out your code, I recommend that you go and sign up at . They may be a bit slow responding at times but they did help me big time with some of my biggest compatibility issue in the recent past. I got same username there if you are wondering. If you do post some issue with your css codes (or html if you want), hope for a member called Aerospace_Eng cause he was elected a “Helpful Members” and have helped tons of people in the past 2 year (he already got close to 10,000 post doing so). Well good luck to your site development :smiley: if you need some helps or something, PM me :slight_smile: I may be able to help point you to the right direction at least.

:EDIT: Oh, I really recommend that you validate your site everytime you code it some more. This is a really good way to catching any errors your codes may have and to make sure that it is working as good as it should.

I’ve just validated your site and it had 10 errors and failed validation.
Here is a direct link to the validation site with your site validation included,
Hope you don’t mind that.

Ebow, Yeah, that’s probably a good idea…but now I have the domain “”…

Rad- I don’t mind a bit, in fact, thanks for posting it. It’ll help me find errors. Usually I just wait till I notice them, or someone reports them(I update lots of times a day, so)
Thanks for the help on the css, I’ll keep it in mind, and pm you if I need any help. If you don’t mind, that is.:wink:

Yeah, but your domain name has got nothing to do with a registered company. On your webpage you refer to Lightspeed as your ‘company’ which implies that it is a legally registered company. All I’m saying is that you may rather want to refer to it as your ‘business’, just for legal reasons.

Yes, I guess so…
One thing though, what are the basics on going about registering a business as a legal company? There’s probably more than you’d care to explain, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to know a little something about the process. :slight_smile:

I don’t know American law, obviously different than here in SA. However, I’m sure the basics are the same. Usually you’d have to go through a lawer and pay a registration fee. The costs and procedure varies according to the type of company you register. However, any type of legal entity (company) has some tax implications - very important.

The easiest way to find out, would propably be to ask your accountant, if you have one. They usually know the best ways for you to launder your money.:cool:

Err…being a minor, it looks as though I’ll just have to call it a business…:o

ok well this is what you have to do

To register a company or a business here is what you need to do

1, be at least 18 years of age
2. be a citizen of the USA or have a green card
3. get in contact with an attorney or someone experienced with the law, or get all the forms yourself at the business department of your local court
4. pay the $200 fee for registration
5. fll out all the forms and chose a name
6. wait for your tax id to arrive