My next Zoetrope!




That was interesting. What is the theory behind it.
How did you select all the poses and the placement of character to get this effect?

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Check my first zoetrope out,the video shows the process better.

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Looking great! I love the character and animation! I played around with a record player based 3D zoetrope concept a few years ago. It had a modular framework so I could swap out the characters easily and have either a traditional paneled look or strobe light which saves a lot of printing and materials. Here’s a link to some videos if you’re interested…

Thanks guys this is fun!:+1:

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Very nice. I printed the disk with slots to be interchangeable but can’t make it bigger than the build plate. I thought about making spokes like you did so it’s nice to see what that looks like and that it works. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks and you’re welcome! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Sick bro, combining 3d printing with blender animation/modeling always fascinated me. Good stuff and good luck with future works.

Thanks, man. :slight_smile: