My nook

Edit: Made some changes to the scene. Hope it’s better now.

Just wanted to create a bright scene with some feminine touch to it - for a change. It all started with a jar of candle… Made a jar and lit it with HDRi and showed a friend. He was so fascinated by the brightness and soft colors of the background. So here we are now…

Old render:


Love the pastel colour theme and lighter floorboards :smirk:

And the overall soft lighting of course, though realistically since lockdown I’ve taken-in less sunlight than ever, so I would probably close the blind to appease my lock-down-acquired distrust for the sun. :vampire:


  • I want to know the title of the book! Though this has nothing to do with changing the scene or anything, I am just personally curious :slight_smile:
  • I would have the phone screen turned off: that’s how most phones are 5 seconds after we put them down, so a phone with a black screen is more iconic and universally recognizable.

Another beautiful living space though - it both proclaims it’s feminine influence, while still being visually clean and practical :heart:

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Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

The book is “Dancing in the lyrics” by Tanya Devonne. I picked it because I wanted something pink in the scene. And the cover of the book perfectly matched the shade of pink I was looking for.
I wanted to change the screen into black. But then, I wanted to make it look like she just left it on the table along with the car key and the coffee. That’s what I do when I get back home. Check the phone and leave it on the counter. Lol

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You are one hundred percent welcome :heart:

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I’m gonna start dinner now. Before I forget.

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Definitely have dinner :smirk:

Maybe I will chuck some potatoes in too actually, some butter and pepper and NO WAIT: I gotta actually produce something here.

NO potatoes!


Fantastic render. I love the table and lamp and table accessories… look very convincing. The couch, pillow and carpet stick out a bit as the rest looks real, but I love this render regardless- well executed!

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I’ve to confess that the couch, cushion and rug were added as an after thought. I’ll pay more attention to details. Thank for the valuable feedback :blush: If you could be more specific on what makes them odd, I’d be grateful :pray:t3:

The bag, couch, carpet and pillow have a plastic-like feel. The shape of couch is very cartoonish and has no texture to it, same for the bag, rug and pillow. No wrinkles, no cloth pattern… The left side of the rendering is very well lit and looks almost realistic but the right side gives away that it is a render.

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I don’t know how to bring out the texture in those. The bump map gets erased when the denoiser is applied… I’m trying to watch a few videos and learn. Do you have any suggestions or tips? Thank you :blush:

I recommend using the NLM denoising for final image but it will only give you accurate results if you have enough render samples I believe, so the more the better. In material settings also try to select Bump and Displacement for the material, it may help…

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I was wondering if I should use an actual displacement map. Let me try your tips first. Thank you for taking time to reply. Really appreciate that :slightly_smiling_face:

You should try and see what works. Experimentation will teach you new things and show you the best way that works for you. Also - highly recommend buying some good models (such as 3dshaker on blender market) and seeing how they achieve realistic results.

Also - some designers like Herman Miller and B&B Italia have sections on their sites for designers to download furniture models, some of which are really good and even have textures… if u Google it long enough you will find good stuff.

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Yup. I’ll do some experimentation. And I like to learn sculpting and furniture modeling too. Downloading good quality models would help me understand more I guess.

Made some changes to the scene. Hope it’s better now.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow! It’s such an honor. Thank you so much! You too have a great weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great work! Really well done and much improved over the original. Bravo on getting your work featured!

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Thank you for your kind words and help! :heart: :pray: