My Normal Map Makes my model black in render

Everytime I connect my normal map to my diffuse the model turns black in render.<br>

With Normal map

Without Normal Map

I need the normal map so the results look more realistic.


Maybe it’s just me but no image shows up for the “with normal map”. Otherwise check: your normal map doesn’t contain artifacts, the image node is set to non - color data, you hooked it in the normal input of diffuse and the strength isn’t set to a ridiclous amount.

Sorry. Fixed the image issue

This may sound ridiculous but, are you sure that your normal map is a normal map, and not another type of texture (like a bump map)?

Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question.
Otherwise you’ll just turn this into a tiring guessing game for all of us…

How do you put a .blend file in my posts?