"My old Porsche"

Hey guys!

Did a “My new Porsche” a while back and thought why not do “My old Porsche” as well :slight_smile:

Got inspired by @Adam_Bengtsson and @marvluebke to use some 3D scans for an environment setup. The scan (St Johns Gate, London) comes from 3D models by artfletch (@artfletch) - Sketchfab.

Hope you like it! Take care!


The Porsche looks great but I think the scanned background lets it down - I think it might be alright if it was out of focus or moving as part of a video but as it is it looks very much like a scan…

Thanks for your comment!

I get what you’re saying with the scans. They are not superb in that regard. Although I’ve used quite shallow DOF focusing on the Porsche which in my oppinion almost makes it work. Even shallower DOF didn’t really make sense in these scene setups.
I will try a motion blur setup with something different later on when I get the time :slight_smile:

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It almost looks like you’ve composited a picture of a real car into a real-life miniature model of the environment, which is a compliment on how good the porsche looks!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks @bartv , same to you!