My old watch

Hi guys. Last week end I did a model of my old watch… Blender & Luxrender. What do u think about it???

A good start. Nothing about it looks ‘old’ though, for that you’d need to do a lot of texturing I guess.

I wrote “old” because it’s a gift of 7 years ago. It’s still in very good condition.
Maybe the title of the thread is misleading… Thank you!

The white lines(10-60) are for minuts, seconds? becouse seems like they are a little strangely arranged to me if they are for that…

Looks nice. The watch itselt (excluding strap) looks like once complete piece; the buttons seem welded on - in other words, they can’t be pressed. I’d suggest seperating different parts so you can get that ‘different-component’ look.

Oh oh… mik1190 and Writer’s Block, both of you have found the flaws that I could not see!!! Compliment and thank you…
mik1190 you’re right, but I’ll keep the white lines in this way just for aesthetic purposes (touch up the texture is a tedious job)
Adjust the buttons will be easier…
Thanx a lot!!!

Welcome. :slight_smile: