My PC has broken

Anyone want to help me fix my PC? I feel like crying!!!

Maybe there is something wrong with the disk controller (on motherboard? or a separate card?).

If you can get a known good disk controller card, you could try that and add items after XP is fully loaded. Make sure the cables are in good condition and don’t have any cuts are places where screws have chewed some wires.

I’ll give it a go, but I’m guessing ok, free advice soo…
wondering harddive not formated, bad hd formated in NT?

remove all drives except floopy and ide… set ide to master (jumper)ensure it is on ide1 ribbon at the end, if it’s new it will probably need formating
use a win95 or me dosboot disc and use fdisk to format,
connect your cd drive as slave on same ide ribbon, ensure bios finds it.
then boot up with win95 dosboot disc(which you can find on the internet) with cd support and try running your winxp cd.

Once xp is installed connect the naughty drive in place of cd drive(set jumper to slave
should have
primary master 120g
primary slave sata

sounds like your original hd has some corrupted xp files, your new hard drive needs formating, your floppies are old and not copying well… very common, blood corrupted floppies have caused me hours of pain, #some files you can skip in desperation and get away with it…


Thanks for your advice zenitor and blenderanim, i’m glad to say i finally got it working. I still dont know what was wrong with the SATA drive but I managed to install XP onto the IDE drive and then see the SATA drive in XP. My problem was a confusing BIOS screen which looked like it was picking up the IDE drive …but not really.

Yeah the floppies were buggered too and thinking about it those floppy disks were last used for my dissertation 5 years ago so probably past it. I still think there might be some underlying hardware fault maybe with the disk controller so i’m going to be treating the SATA drive very suspiciously from now on.

Phew, i’m glad thats all over. I nearly threw the thing out the window at one point but then I realised i’d just have to go outside and pick it up.