My project scale is way to big. How do I scale everything back properly?

I used Fspy to ‘copy’ the perspective and camera settings of a reference photo for an archviz project.
It imported perfectly in Blender and I started modelling my walls and stuff. It all works perfectly… but…

The scale is completely off. Its just a normal house…but the walls are like 200meters high at the moment. Is there a way to scale this all the way back so that the height matches a real life house? I know how to scale everything with transform… but im not sure how to keep perspective the same and stuff so nothing really changes but the dimensions…

select everything, including the camera, Press shift C to bring the 3D cursor to the world centre, in the dropdown at the bottom of the 3D view, set pivot point to 3D cursor, and press S to scale… If nothing is animated, this should work fine: it will even keep the same view in the camera, though you may have to set the depth of field again, if you’re using it.


Youre a lifesaver. Thanks!