My question on low poly Material - Texture

Hi, I have a question if anyone can answer. I am planning to make a stainless steel Texture or Material but I wanted to have it low- poly Style look. Here is my process as I was mapping on my maternal/Texture on how it looks before I applied a steel material. If there is a way to make this a reality or any other way. Thank You

Iā€™m not sure what exactly do you need.

To make the model low-poly, you can apply a Decimate modifier. You may also want to select all faces and mark them as sharp.

To make the texture look pixelated, you can play with the texture scale (in the brush) when painting the model.

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Thank You for answering, Blutag this might work.

I think i just got an idea of my approach. little confuse on how it goes for my oven so i was thinking of using toon shader for this one. the only thing i am having trouble is making a toon shader metal.