my rabbit

This rabbit is used to be the logo of my “design studio”…
I made it a few years ago using 3ds max 3 (i now mostly use Blender),
but since Yafray is so much better than the native 3ds max 3 renderer (!!!), i imported the mesh in blender and rendered it using Yable & Yafray.

The only one problem is the top of the ears, but i can’t smooth it in blender ( i used “set smooth” button, but yafray doesn’t seem to take advantage of this blender function).

In yable when you set up you materials then you can use auto smooth and set it to a percentage. For something really rounded like a sphere I use 90%. This may help.
nice rabbit design by the way.

Thanks for the tip, i’ll try it, but before, i need a good sleep.

I know nothing about yafray, but ‘set smooth’ does not smoothen the edges. What you need for the ears are more vertices. Me thinketh.

The same but with smoother ears :

The ears look much better. How did you solve the problem?

subdivision, my guessss.

you were true,
i did a “subdivide smooth”

why didn’t you just use subsurf?

Just because i don’t know what is subsurf .

I guess you lean using subsurf i could easily smooth any shape ?

Actualy … YES :stuck_out_tongue:

Skelet ! Respect !