My race "Third wave"

hi all,

This thread is about the race i am currently developing an which will be called “Third wave” or just 3w. Even if it is not textures i call it “finished” because my work was the modeling and somebody else will care about texturing.

All started with this old model i did 2 years ago:

Now i redesigned this basic model but kept most of it’s attributes.
All results for this race can be found here:

Like you can easily see on this site, i am working on several projects for this race and most of them are already in the final state. The currently largest of all of them was the “Alien queen”. Second was the 3w race itself. Third will be the ground unit, a mech. Aside from that i am working on technical descriptions for this race and any unit they are using. You will found more about this on the above mentioned link.

I started with a complete skeleton for this model, then added a muscle and sinew system and finally i mounted an additional exo-skeleton and created a skin for it.

All joints “could” be moved with the muscles i added in all needed axis like human arms/legs. for example one of the upper shoulders got 24 muscles.

I guess there aren’t many fantasy creatures out there with a complete interior ^^

With completely applying subdivision surfaces to all obejcts, this model got about 1.500.000 polygones.

So what do you think about it?

Thanx for your comments

(If somebody wants a specific “close up” feel free to ask for it :))

Beautiful Modeling on the queen. how long was the render. Beautiful job on everything.

Beautiful work. The modeling is amazing… especially on the queen.

AN][ARES excellent job…

Your works amaze my eyes :wink:

Keep going!


AN][ARES and his aliens again :slight_smile:
Great modelling!

another WIP render for my new race:
and its “small brother”

the unit is made for atmospheric re-entries and if doing so it will look like this:

so what do you think about?

That mech design is friggin awesome man! Just beautiful.

No crits on that at all.


Yeah, what BgDM said!

Do you have it rigged to fold up into re-entry mode, and to “walk” etc? If so, you gotta run an anim - even with just the white ao mode of your current renders would be cool!

I third BgDM! That’s awesome!



i 4th that awesome tell us when the game is done :o beautiful job

it’s no game…

this race is created just for fun. i cannot breed then… my odd body won’t allow it, even without the highest concentration.

thus i have to give them shape and life in another way.

and thanx for all your appreciation :slight_smile:

i am still searching for someone who is interested in developing the abilites and backgroundstory for this race. (but i doubt i’ll find this person here :frowning: )

dont know if your intrested but im willing to help in the writing.

the aero/space fighter is also finished now:

(perhaps somebody might remeber this model from somewhere :))

that’s a seriously cool fighter AN][ARES

Whay [email protected] said. :smiley: :wink:


Nice work… this is definitely a project to keep an eye on :wink:

small update…

i got a final version ready now. only procedural textures were used
(PREVIEW: Please click on the following image for full view)