My Racer

(Vigilante) #1

Heres the start to my racer im gonna be wroking on. You cant really see much detail, because I have no idea how to make a good rubber texture, and chrome texture. If anyone knows any good easy tutorials on chrome or rubber for blender photoshop or corel photopaint lemme know.

(bgrav) #2

have a look at the tutorial links, it is a greay list of heaps of tutorials, it should have what your looking for.

Keep up the good work, :smiley:

(S68) #3

Or have a look at the Q&A forum, there’s another tutlist there…

For Chrome it is Plenty of tut. Seek for BgDM’s, very nice one.

For rubbber there is none I can recall off, but probably because the default blender material settings gives a nice plastic. Just drop down Hardness and Ref and Spec a bit and you’ll have rubber…


(Vigilante) #4

Well heres an update on my racer. I tried getting the body I have done so far to smooth out a bit more, but it doent wanna listen.

These werent working when I uploaded them, hopefully thats just temporary. If thier not working tommorow ill try and find another upload server all mine seem to be craping out.

(Vigilante) #5

:< Stupid hosting sites never work when you want them too. Im getting really cool results with my stuff and I wanna show it off back to looking for a site :-?

If anyone knows anysite that allows remote linking and unlimited bandwith. Preferably over 10k of space with 100k upload size or larger please let me know. Ive given up on finding a site that actually works I signed up for almost 10 different web hosts in the last 2 days.