My really wonky rigs :P

Soo I’ve been watching tutorials like mad for the past few days because i’ve really been wanting to learn how to model for a while now. Everything has been relatively smooth sailing until i hit the rigging part. Every time i tried posing my model, the mesh would warp in really weird ways. originally i had created my own rig but was convinced i’d just messed it up really badly, so i learned how to use rigify. that’s what’s shown in these pics, but i’m getting the EXACT same results with my rig and rigify :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been trying to get this working all night

This is just my model, no posing

wonk wonk. what’s happening to her legs?

You know, this might work if i were making a spaghetti girl game.

So what say you? is it a problem with my model? or did i format something improperly in the rigs? I have no idea but i’d really love some help. I’m using 2.65 btw

A couple of questions: Is the Armature modifier the last one in the stack (below the subsurf)? Did you use Rigify’s “Automatic Weights” option? Sometimes you’ll get weird results with that. What I finally had to do was create a rig from scratch (try David Ward’s excellent tutorials on YouTube: He really helped me a lot). Once you get a basic rig working, then you can slowly build on that by adding an IK arm, then a leg, etc. I’ve even been able to add a single control for making a fist with all fingers at once, which for me is quite an accomplishment. Rigify is great, but it never did give me a decent rig that I liked. Doing one from scratch is more time consuming, but you’ll be rewarded in the long run with more knowledge about what’s going on.