My reason for sticking with 2.79b with video to clarify

On occasions when it is REALLY NECESSARY, I will still open up 2.8 to render in Cycles because Cycles rendering in 2.8 is slightly faster than 2.79b.

When doing exterior Arch work, I tend to do a lot of Photo matching and my secret weapon has always been this amazing Add-on that’s just so easy and straight to the point, all done inside Blender with no need for external program and also without having to deal with the grease pencil:

I just created a 2.5 minutes video to show how to use this add on that I have been using for quite a while now:

PLEASE correct me if I am wrong, I believe that…this cannot be done in Blender 2.8, forget about the temporary notion that this add-on is 2.79b only for now, the main focus here is a change of a core idea in Blender’s way of showing background images in version 2.8.

In version 2.8, a background image have to be assign to a camera, not as some arbitrary background image that isn’t connected to any camera as in version 2.79b, I believe (I want to be wrong !) this limit possibilities like this add-on and many others like it to exist.

Please correct me if I am wrong, as I am having a really difficult time transiting to 2.8.

As of right now I am still too dependent on the following add-on in 2.79b to move on to 2.8, you could say…I am stuck…
3D View: Stored Views

Image empties in 2.8 can perform the same function. There are new options on them to limit them to certain views and display behind or in front of geometry.

That’s the great thing with Blender. You can use both. Many still use even older versions because they still use blender internal render.

Yes Indeed, that is truly the beauty of Blender :smiley:

Some off the addons have now a new name and are included by default if you use a recent build : for example take a look to this :

For the other addons there are some beta version that you can try