My rendered images/files from blender not appearing?


I have been using blender for about a year now and honestly this is the first time I need to render using Blender 2.5. I have watched several videos on YouTube informing me how to do so, and I think I AM doing it correctly. I have set an output folder and name, chose my render options, sizing, and more, hit “render image”, and I can NEVER seem to find the file…I tried “show hidden folders and files” option in explorer, but the files do not appear.

Note: I am not running Python, my version is 2.58, I am running Windows 7 Professional with plenty of disk space.

Also, I have tried switching the output folder to other locations, drives, ect.

I’m stuck on this! All help is appreciated :smiley:

The output location is for rendered animations only. To save a rendered image, after you have rendered press F3 or use the Image / Save as Image menu option in the image editor window

Its should be there. Hit render again and it will tell you location. default is with the blender location sometimes c / programs or program 86 / blender /blender foundation …try saving to desktop to test it

It should be there . if it reset default is often c / programs or program 86 / blender / blender foundation / try saving to desktop. press f12 then f 3 then select location desktop
edit sorry my internet connection re set

THANK YOU! This is exactly what I needed! You rock!:stuck_out_tongue: