My Rigged man walking

Hello there!
I just made an animation of a man walking
( im just 2-3 weeks old in Blender, and i know its bad)
Can you tell me ways to improve?

Thanks in advance.

best tip to improve in art is always use references.

As it comes to rigging and walkcycles there are many tutorials about that topic on youtube
like this one:

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But, references like what?
Are you referring to modelling and Rigging?
Like images for Modelling and watching walk-cycles?

And i havent learnt the Rigging given in this video.
I will learn Modelling and Rigging Characters first, then will move on to animation.
This was just a trial Run.
[Bit it was a really good and informative video.]

You should be using references to anything art-related. Rigging is more technical then art related.

There are 2 types of references. One is in a type of a photo, video, something you can see and compare and the other one is what you have already memorised (like you know that cats have ears and a tail so you draw a cat with ears and a tail)

You can’t improve if you dont use external references, because when you draw/animate/model from memory you are only recreating an image from your brain and you can’t make it any better then that.

Relying on your brain only won’t work unless you did something like that a thousand times in the past. But even professional artists that are, for example animating for decades, still use references for walkcycles.


Great point man.

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Thanks. :+1: :grinning: