my robot.

rendered with yafray. additional shadow pass rendered with the internal renderer, composited in ps.

render time on my duron 1.2ghz: 12hrs

cool model and nice shaders - overall very neat and clean.

how do u get the white, to appear white!?!?
i cant get white to actually be WHITE

P.S. nice render, love the dings and sskratches on it

It’s nice! I like the slight dirt smudges. They add to the realism.

Please tell us your WHITE trick! Is it Emit?

How did you get the head etc to have such really round shapes, without any dents or bumps in them? I can never seem to accomplish this.

I like it very much. Very detailed.

BTW, 12 hours? One frame? That’s kind of long…

Ye 12 hours for one still is very long, i was going to suggest rigging him and then setting up an animation, but at 12 hours a frame, i wouldnt bother :stuck_out_tongue:

This turned out fantastic. Great work. I would only suggest some more rusty spots, but that is all I can see that could be added.

Great work.


"Don’t upload the picture of the robot that is in your room. "
I would write above if the wire is not. :wink:

nice rendering and texturing.

Its lookin real nice, I have been followin this model. I would put a “Do not press” around that red button lol jk. Nice work man!

Awesome work. I love the robot’s face. Reminds me of Isaac Asimov’s books for some reason.



Really good render! Maybe you’d want to enter in the boxx contest…

very nice work, i can’t believe it took 12 hours to render!!!


Really nice work. I like the whole composition. If you could link to a high res png or jpeg I’d like to see it in its uncompressed form. Also, is the wire in that post the actual wire of the model?

oh yeah… I want to know how you got white as well.

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Looks great! The Robot should do a casting as “Marvin” in the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Film coming up. He looks so deeply depressed.

Wait a minute!
I’ve just noticed something thats really bothering me… We’re seeing all these full on shots and for some reason it seems like if the robot is really skinny.
If it wouldn’t bee too much trouble could you post a profile view (even if its a wire or low detail render).
The robot just looks too skinny on a side view.

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Eye sockets should have a green LED in them…
Nice job btw


thanks for all the comments!

well, i didn’t really plan this model, so the construction is a bit… random :wink:
i just modelled the head for fun and then thought “oh, this could be a robot…” so i made a body for it. yes, it IS too skinny and from any other view it would not look right. next time i make a robot, i will put more work into the construction…

and yes, the wire in the pic is the actual wire of the robot. a bit small though.

well, the white color… i never managed to get it really white with the internal renderer aswell. but with yafray, white is just white :wink:
there are no tricks involved. the light setup is just a hemilight and a spot.

with the INTERNAL renderer though, i never managed to get it really white. it always looks like… grey metal.

the reason for the long rendertime was just that the resolution was set to 1280x1024 and the AA was set to maximum. i was also surprised that it took so long :wink:


he reason for the long rendertime was just that the resolution was set to 1280x1024 and the AA was set to maximum. i was also surprised that it took so long

Well, blenders internal renderer doesn’t take that long… I guess Yafray is kind of slow.

But eh, you didn’t answer my question :(. How did you make such perfectly round surfaces, the head for example, without creating dents and bumps?

This is a really nice robot, there are some constructive mistakes though, as already mentioned on blendpolis .

Say, why do U use different nicknames on blender forums, so it’s very difficult to identify that’s you?