My Room WIP

Yes i know many have done there rooms, i just thought i should also add mine, who knows :stuck_out_tongue: might inspire someone to do something good?!

What I can see looks good so far, but you should make it brighter.

yes, it was ment to be a ngiht scene btu i will do, make ti so that the computer makes most of the light (except the light coming through the window)

Yeah, it would look cool with the lighting you have now, but until the final image you should brighten it so people can see your models better.

lmao damn, texturing the walls is really hard, becoz mine seem to change colour depending what lighting is on them, different dimemr settings make the wall looks almost black on lowest and almost white on ligthest lmao stupid walls.

Lol, I’d help ya, but I’ve got no clue as I’m not very good at this stuff. I can criticize pretty well though XD

lol update will be soon :stuck_out_tongue: also i was thinking, whenever i finish this, the time of day etc. will make the final decision of the lighting scheme lmao. alot easier then sopending ages deciding one. Let time choose for bloudy once :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I should model at night with absolutely no lights on. Then my models would be photo-realistic :smiley:

whoa, your room is so foggy i could swear that someone smoked there :smiley:


what happens when u kinda go abit mad and start burning stuff :stuck_out_tongue: i lost half my things to burnign them tonight, at least i am happy now though :stuck_out_tongue: and yes i am nearly dieing of coughing and shit, wnidows open too :stuck_out_tongue: must look like puff coming out of my windows from next door etc. lmao, as it is whity smoke, nto black smoke, hahahaha.

Nice room so far, the window light seems bright for night.

lokks like vampires are about to come to your room…very in the mood for vampires (either that or Blade and Blade2 that i have been watching all night, are effecting me)

hahaha yea :stuck_out_tongue: i kinda into vampire stuff too :stuck_out_tongue: maybe i shud add all my vamparic pictures and designs in the room too quickly goes around sticking them up :stuck_out_tongue: sorry about the delay with the update, i got alot on my plate atm. and trying to get my awkard mouse model lookign as good as poss :stuck_out_tongue: i got one of those microsoft Trackball explorers :stuck_out_tongue:

very big, very curved, and holes :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Update :smiley: lol i found some more time to do more, i have lowered the light emitance from the outside light, increased light inside, so u guys can see :P, and also textured alittle more, and added a mouse :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m liking this so far. The wall could be more textured though. One thing that strikes me as odd is how all you can see out of the window is stars. Lol do you live on top of a tower or something? The left side of the desk looks a bit odd. And where is your bed?

all shall be added in due time, the desk looks odd due ot the angle of the camera, and ti curves around the corner of the room, and i have not yet started ot make the buildings outside :wink: they shall be last. and i do somewhat live ontop of a hill :stuck_out_tongue: not tower but still a hill

ok update, the begining of my bed =D

and more :stuck_out_tongue: just finished the panels for the bed, so the matress dnt sink through the bottom :stuck_out_tongue: (althought that would be rather funny, especialy after being stoned)

Looking good there. Lol that’s a good idea for an animation. Maybe when you finish your room, you could try to model yourself and then animate yourself walking into your room at night to sleep and then the mattress falling through when you lie down XD

Looking nice, but could you show us a bigger render, because I can hardly see the mouse.

Two remarks though:

  • The curve of the desk looks like it needs smoothing.
  • The desk (the lower part) looks like it doesn’t have any depth.

Good-looking texturing on the desk (and the computer screen of course)!

EDIT: I didn’t notice there already was a second page in this thread, so I missed out on the bed. It’s looking good though.