my room

Nice forums, I want to post link for my currently work in progress…
All pictures I will host in other place,
Since i start with the project just before I found your forum, I will place hier all of my chronographical images my current work. I use Blender 2.32 with its Internal renderer.
I do not have a lot of time to play with Blender, so to see the next pic you have to wait week or two or three… but this work will be done

The links u have given aren’t working. Guess you need to rehost the pics.

Russian hosting? great choice man… %|

Hosting is in Ukraine :slight_smile: My friends from Holland has no troble with it. And where you from?

MassTa—> LoooooooooooooooL

I am in Europe and have used Imageshack when i was in the Us a few weeks ago. I need to find someplace closer though

I have a more bigger chronography of my work, unfortunatelly you guys are so negative filling about hosting from ukraine, so I wil add last pic attachment


It looks excellent so far. The images are all loading fine for me.

Chair seems a bit to tall for me. The rest (exept the lighting, which could be better) looks nice.

I used imageshack when I was back in the US and still use it even though I am in Europe now. And Frankly, if you have a good connection there is no problem (hey I use filefront for hosting content too and its us :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nice work so far. Waiting on more detail. I personnaly dont like the floor design but reality is reality :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! This is my first picture with Blender except the tutorial with cookie modeling.

I see, chairs looks taller, but I used straightedge :slight_smile: Maybe some mistake… I will recalculate it later.

Lighting :frowning: I do not know what to do. Shadows i can get only fom spots, but it doer some imposition at the corner :frowning: Can somebody suggest me something?

The room is in very bad state, I tried to show it, but now you can only see the window, where textures is closer to reality. Floor is very damaged in reality, texture will be updated. Radiator still looks like new, but it is not true :wink: