My Room

Still fairly newbish at modelling, like my third model.

I think the desk is finished except for texturing:

  • The DVDs/Books
  • The Keyboard
  • The Deoderant

I am aware there is some dodgy shadow/lighting on the desk. Not sure why. Between the monitor and the speakers… it is glowing, yet it should be dark because no light is hitting it.

The only think I can think of is the light is bouncing off the wall but the wall should be non-reflective :?

Well unless you are using yafray’s GI, light’s not going to bounce of walls.
But it certainly look like you got a lamp behind the monitor! :confused: Could you post a blend?

Oo, you were right about a lamp behind the monitor, lol, I should of realised.

Updated screenshot:

And here is the blend file if anyone wants it.