My Room


this is my first try at modeling interiors and rendering with yafaray :slight_smile:

I would like to hear some suggestions!!


wow, love to see some objects!

Yep! I’ll do it! But first I need to finish the other side of the room :slight_smile:

so you are building the entire room? are you going to build the clutter into it aswell? (real rooms are almost always more cluttered than digital ones)

so far that looks really good, can you post the render specifics?

Yes… I’m planning on doing something like that! :wink:

this is my reference:

ps: but not as messy as the real one lol! And I’ll try to look for better textures after I finish all the modeling

thats looking excellent then…

wow, before i thought it was a kitchen. lol

lol …i tought it was a kitchen too :stuck_out_tongue:
i really like the neat modeling and lighting .