My school render

I have a freestyle project for school, and i decided to make a render. It is worth a lot of points, tell me what you think so I can change it if need be:

I don’t know if the lighting is a bit too harsh, also what do you think about the solar panel material? To me it looks a bit itzy.

First things first - it is very noisy. I am not sure why. In space everything is basically illuminated by one giant directional light, there should be very little indirect lighting. Even with very little samples I would expect it to be more or less clean… Is there some problem?

What is the purpose of the image? Is it supposed to be based on realism, or is it art project thus it the primary function to be aesthetically pleasing?
If aesthethics is the goal you could have a nice glowing earth in the background, together with a pretty lens-flare equals box office.
like here, or here for examples.

Your image seems very overblown half of the stuff is completely white. The main cylinder of the body seems to have flat shading on, which I assume is not on purpouse.

And indeed the solar panels seem wierd. I think IRL they would be reflective and much darker in color, perhaps a little less saturated.

I would experiment a little with the camera angle as well. Maybe I am imagining things, but it seems to me that there is very little perspective in you image. What focal length are you on?

Adding some detail to the cylinder would surely help as well. The rest of the body has some nice detail, the cylinder in back seems lacking in comparison. Or at least add some more materials or some texture to it.

Hope it helps a little :slight_smile: And hope I was not discouraging in any way. I think it could be a very good image in the end, I just try to focus on listing what could be improved.


I was trying to make it realistic, which is actually why I made overblown lighting. you can see in this image:

that the lighting is very harsh . I will try to turn it down a bit in my next iteration.

Also, my focal length is 35, but I am using a Real Camera addon. Also, no you were not discouraging

You may also want to try using the filmic add-on (if you don’t already) to reduce how much of the image is blown out. Installation instructions and a great explanation of how it works are here: luck!