My Sculpt January 2020

Here are my sculpts for the 2020 Sculpt January Challenge, will be updating the post until finished.
comments are always welcome.

Day 1 Spectral, inspired by the Cadejo

Day 2 Machine

Day 3 Nervous

Day 4 Rigid

Day 5 Procrastinate

Day 6 Darkness fan art of Buttercup as Mange

Day 7 bones fan art of Sans from Undertale

Day 8 Liquid

Day 9 Tragic #Sculptjanuary2020 thanks for the concept @artofkoi


Day 10, really enjoyed a lot the making of this piece, a lot of testing and learning in the process, thanks again for the great sketching @artofkoi

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Day 11 Work, #Sculptjanuary2020 concept by the great @artofkoi

Day 12 Absent, #sculptjanuary #eevee

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Day 13 Folklore, inspired by some ancient Mayan crafts #Sculptjanuary2020

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Day 14 #Crystalline, really happy how this one came out.

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