My second attempt at NPR rendering and I really need help

My second try to make a good looking anime character. I always has a feeling that something is wrong and I don’t know what it is so I really need feed back. I also has trouble making skirt look good so any tip is gladly appreciated.

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What about it do you dislike? The anime/NPR shader looks fine (it’s pretty good, actually) and the skirt looks fine too. Shoulder might need some adjustment on the weight paint, but it could just look off because the upper arm is so skinny and the hair is blocking it at this angle (which isn’t a problem).

I will say the anatomy could be improved: the arms are a bit too skinny, the legs lack shape, and the feet are too tiny.

Overall, it’s a well done, well shaded anime model.

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Thank you very much, I’ll fix the issue you mention :grin: . Now that I look more carefully the arm is bend really weird :rofl:

Generally your work up so far was quite good, I would just make some random notes on it. Nothing too formal or sticking to standard rules, I just eyeballing anything that hits my attention.

To explain the image:

  • Expression: Is a good idea to give an expression (even if is entirely optional) so just it makes the character more interesting (breaks a way the robotic features a bit). You can use blend shapes - or use a new copy of the head and sculpt it anyway you like. Also at this point (face and hair) avoid mirror modifiers, to make the result more natural.
  • Proportions: I find that the neck and the legs could be lengthened. Also the waist appear a bit thinner.
  • Pose: This was entirely optional.
  • Leg Shape: It appears to be a bit more curvy. As @Nanoglyph said. Here you can exaggerate even more than the standard anatomical images.
  • Shoes: This is also quite optional, but at a later stage you can go for some more detail

Looking forward for the new changes. :slight_smile:


I find it’s hard to make the pose look natural and thank to your help I think I understand a bit more now :grin:. As @Nanoglyph mentioned before I did some changes to the leg and hip and some weigh paint fixed to the upper arm so I will try to fix other issue you mention like the waist it’s should be smaller and I’ll try to fix the shoulder as well. :sweat_smile:. For her shoe it’s just a placeholder I don’t have enough time to or will to do it yet as right now I only learn to model the body and and other stuff :woozy_face:

Thank a lot for sharing your idea and time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If you really want to test new ideas just throw some new objects and shape them on top the existing ones. Later once you decide what is best you can swap between them and join only those meshes that you need.

This is a technique I discovered myself. Generally I like to make the characters consist of unlimited amount of meshes first so I can make up my mind better.

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ah great idea thank you. I’m stuck on other project at the moment and I will try out your trick :grin:

The legs, feet and the bust stand out to me. One thing you can do is take a render into Krita or Photoshop and use the fluidize brush to alter the proportions and play around with it. If you use Krita and don’t know where the fluidize brush is, google it; it can be hard to find.

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Hi. But “fluidize” is the name of the tool for Photoshop or Krita? I can’t find anything related to Krita with that name.
By the way, I am not the author of the thread, it just made me curious about it.

Ah, it’s liquify. Anyway, for krita you click here on the left first:

Then in the right, in the Tool Options panel, you click here:

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ah I see, I do agree a lot of feedback is on her leg, shoulder and hip, I have so little experience on humanoid modeling even though I’m a human :rofl: . I just photoshop so I will try to play with liquify as you mention. Thank you for your time and feedback :laughing:

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