My second work in blender ..

Hi i haven’t been using blender a long time but now im back. My first piece was flash light , here is my second work in 3d .

In case the link doesn’t work copy the url and paste it in a new browser

The table is good but I think the lamps need work. I would recomend a simpler geometry, and a different texture. So nice table. Lamps need work.

your username suggests something…well…bad. :-? get it? SSfreak? :frowning:

other than that, the link you provided doesnt work…404

Nice start, very basic scene, modelling too can use some detail.

Why posting a GIF and not a JPEG? JPEG are true colour, GIF only 256 colours…

Keep it up


Hmm well i made an account here when i used to have dbz sites so it was short for “Super-Saiyan freak”, heh, k ill change it. I cant make a jpeg coz i take a screenshot of the image and then paste it in Ps7.0, and when i select File > Save for web, i only the option of gif, errmmm is there a way for make a jpeg from Blender? btw blendermax since the link didn’t work you could open a new window of IE and use the link :slight_smile:

In the rendering (F10) buttons you can select image type (default is TARGA)
After rendering hit F3 to open a file selection window where you can type in the image name