My spin-subsurfed rocket has a sharp edge? help

I spun out several verts to make a classic rocket fuselage and then subsurfed (2) but the model has an ugly sharp edge down the side. I have recaled Norms and rem doubles, and set smooth. How can I smooth out this edge?

The tip also has a triangles can I just split every second vertical edge to make them quads?

Can we see a picture?

Hold on Tight,

could be that half of it is still flipped normals, click “draw normals” to make sure they’re all facing out, if not, select half of the mesh (B key) and click flip normals

Thanx, I checked the normals and they all point out. But I can select and drag the faces down the edge and they aren’t connected to the start point of the original spin. How can I join the leading and trailing edge to each other?

Select all verts -> W-Key -> Remove doubles.

Wak_tak has the answer for you. When you spin-dup around 360 degrees you will always have a duplicate set of verts at the starting point.

turn up the rem doubles to about 0.01 instead of 0.001

It worked changing the tolerance! I had to select individual faces and repete though as not all of the dup verts were deleted first time.

Thanx All