My stall Render is not same on blender & vray 3dsmax

Hello guys, i am thinking to move from blender to 3ds max vry cause my renders are not looking good that in vray. can u pls sort this problem or i have to switch. thanx

Read through this post. Have a look to see if you think it makes any sense at all. Then think about what you are asking for. Think if you’ve actually given enough information for people to help you with the problem. Maybe post images / examples.

First one is the render of blender by using cycles.

Second one is the render of 3dsmax 2017 by using vray 3.6
stall3.blend (702.2 KB)

Hello there !

First of all, what exactly is the problem ? The colors, the reflections, the sky not being white ? Please explain further.
If it comes from the materials, here is what I achieved in 5 minutes with your file. (The camera angle is not exactly the same as yours, your blend file provinding only a front camera).

If this is what your are trying to achieve, have a look at the doc about the materials here.

Hope this helped a bit,

Not sure what to make of this thread.
You start by saying that you can’t get the same render quality in Blender with Cycles as in Max with vray and that this might make you switch over to Max completely unless “we” sort this out for you.

And then you present a demo file which shows quite clearly - sorry to say this - that you don’t have the slightest idea about what you’re doing inside Blender… Unsmoothed meshes, unapplied (even negative) scale everywhere, camera clipping issues, missing materials and so on and so forth.

So, what exactly is your point?
You “switching” over to Max after having used Blender for 5 minutes tops? You not being willing to learn the very basics of a new software? How are “we” supposed to solve this for you? That’s not a Cycles issue, that’s a you issue.


Perhaps the guy for some strange reason thought that VRay materials should be compatible with Cycles materials by default. I do not know anything about VRay, but for these cases there are usually addons to convert/import the materials from one engine to another. I do not know if in this case some addon like this exists.

In this list you should :

  • Learn
  • Do
  • Share
  • Fail
  • Repeat list

stall3.blend (743.6 KB)

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Sorry for the bad english language, I am using blender from 2 years. always lighting done without texture. but I am not getting very realistic result that comes out in 3ds max vray than cycles, eevee, amd render pro render. I dont what is the problem in blender that result is not coming out. If you have any vray plugin for blender that i will try it on my stall file. cause that thing i done in blender same thing done in 3dsmax vray. so the vray result is more awesome than cycles or else. Please help to sort out this problem in blender.

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