my strange little animations

Here I like to show you some of my strange little Animations I did in Blender over the last few years.
Have fun. :slight_smile:
Feedback is always welcome.

That Distortion animation is very interesting. It looks like something microscopic and organic.

I’m impressed by the accuracy of your tracking on the Minecraft animation. Was there enough paralax or did you use helper frames? Wich are not seen in the footage?

This is very cool stuff… all of it, including the walking mashine… very good invention and must have been very difficult to animate too :wink:

the camera tracking tracking clip is well done. The first time did this I was suprised what a complex task it is and how small the sensor was of the camera I used XD I just did some particle stuff and moving arrays of boxes. You even made up a little story

Thank you all for your kind words ! Unfortunately I don’t remember much details from the Camera Tracking scene. Also I didn’t do any further camera tracking scene after this one. It was done in Blender 2.63, on the first version of the Camera Tracker in Blender, I guess. I just remember that I got the best fit of the scene if I didn’t go with the official matching lens and sensor settings that was given along with the footage. Took me some time of trial and error to find the best fitting settings. The tracking itself worked mostly automatic, but also I needed to set some trackers manually to the correct position, for some frames.

The Walking Machine animation is in fact not at all animated by armature or such, since it’s a physics simulation (EDIT - of course the two rotating cranks was animated by hand). But it was also not easy to get the simulation run properly. And no, I don’t invented the mechanism, I just modified it a bit. It’s know as “Theo Jansen Mechanism”.