My trophy weekend challenge entry.

(macouno) #1

Here’s the entry:The elysiun orb.

Pure Apart form textures 100% blender, textures are old ones of, a rusty plate & a wood pane. The font texture is B&W done in paint shop. used some hemi lights, shadow only spot, regular lamps, mblur and so forth.

the last url is just a link to the regular gallery in which I also placed a copy of the image.

I thought I’d place it in here too, to get some additional feedback :wink: This is actually the first time I feel I succeeded in almost creating a metallic feel on some materials. I’m not a materials guru like most.

I tried to keep the trophy simple since it’s for online (this site) use. The angles may seem a little odd. I made the black borders to make it clear they were all rendered sepparately, that so that they are all seen from the same angle with the same camera/lightling type. But that does make it slightly odd when you put them next to each other.


(macouno) #2

No one? gee… I thought at least someone would hate them :wink:

(emtilt) #3

They arent bad, but a bit simple.

(pofo) #4

Nice, work some more on that red texture since they depend quite heavily on texture.

Hmm… I like the third place prize better than the first :wink:

  1. pofo

(macouno) #5

Well since they’re sorta done and I have 0 time left this weekend (got to work) I won’t adapt them.

But pofo… what would you do to the texture??? just as a hint I can try out next time.