My tutorial journey

It’s been a LONG time since I sat down and actually followed an entire Blender tutorial. I’m trying to get ‘back on the wagon’ and will share my progress here for laughs of all the accomplished Blender artists :slight_smile: Today I started with the 'Low Poly Well’ series by @grantius and I’m having a great time. I just started with part 3, here’s the result so far.


Nice work :grinning::+1:

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Here’s my final result:


Ok, I can no longer avoid this…


One of us. One of us :smiley:


There. I finished ‘level 1’ of Andrew’s Donut series. Struggled a bit with getting the colors just right, but I’ve seen enough of this donut for the last couple of days. I’ll park this series for now and go for an entirely different direction: I’ve been fascinated by procedural shading so I’ll take a stab at Procedural Shading: Fundamentals and Beyond by @Pixelshatter next.

Sketchfab version:

After finishing chapter one of ‘Procedural Shading’ I felt I had enough math lessons for this week and went on to do something a bit more hands on. @RyanKingArt’s Avocado tutorial looked pretty cool so I spent my last 2 lunches on that. I found the tutorial easy enough to follow. Sometimes it was a bit too fast and I had to rewind pretty often, but I learned a lot and it was well worth it!


Really cool that you ride the bike again!

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Can you feature yourself? :thinking:

Awesome! And thanks for the feedback about the speed of the tutorial!

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I don’t think I’ll be feature-worthy for the next few years yet :wink:

Nice work nonetheless! :+1:

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Allways nice to see progress! I too follow and like Abbots tutorials as I find he has a pretty good balance of teacher and casual helper.

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I’m back to some more low-poly modeling with this tutorial by Polygon Runway. Having a lot of fun so far:


Hey Bart,
Wanted to say thank you for turning me onto this modeling tutorial. I had fun modeling it. When I go to model it again I will work more with the texture on the water. I took the second render using the provided add-on. The first render is just using the normal camera. Can’t wait to see yours!!