My version of UltraMan

My version of my favorite Japaneses show.this just a sample,but I will continue the work for fun.
In this concept there are three Ultra man in one -One micro size,second 6 feet high and the
45 feet high.each one different from each other having unique powers.

I know why use Silo2 instead of blender,well I use both for my project hobbies.


update some Sci Fi fans are claim this snap shoot is from the new movie day stood still,again LOL how my picture got circulated is beyond my imagination:p
More pictures.Micro size Ultra man reaching for an alien virus that can wipe out all life on earth.


UltraMan? Ha ha. I remember watching that when I was a kid. Looks like a pretty good model…I don’t remember much from the cartoon, so i can’t really comment.

I’m starting to use Maya now more than blender =/ I’m not sure why, but I like it better… the gui is not as bad as people say, I like how I can make a custom “dashboard” with all my most used buttons.

I like how Maya is like unrealistic options, [ie: the “Create Ocean” or the “Create Pond” buttons ROCK!]