My very first individual artwork. Inspired by the news in my country 🇺🇦

This is my first artwork in Blender. I lost my job because of the war in Ukraine, so decided to learn something new and interesting. Completed “Donut Course” and decided to make something by my own.

Here is a backstage of this work (general lights and photoshop moves) -

Raw render.

This work inspired by the photos, I saw on the news.

Models I got from Blenderkit. Photoshop and Lightroom for color grading.


Evocative piece :+1:

The farmer has another tractor too help plow his fields, once the war is over.


Great work! I have bumped your user level so you can add more images.

Stay strong :ukraine:


While I’m used to see similar images on CG forums / movies, knowing that this one is inspired from reality and not from a sci-fy / dystopian universe makes me feel very sad…


wow, thanks you!


Love it.
Always happy to see BlenderKit used in a meaningful way.
We recently had a discussion as to if we should actually have models like Russian tanks in our database. My opinion was we should keep those since people can use them to promote peace. So- thank you.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Great! Thanks!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I think the image composition could be improved. It seems very flat (not much fg or bg) and the framing still does not give the focus well to the only story in the picture.

Well done. You truly deserve being proud of your country. Slava Ukraini!


Im working on improving my 3d and composition skills ) Thanks for feedback!

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Congratulations on making this work. Although not so good for your country.