My very first project

Finally I started with my first Blender project. I’m a Blender fan from many time, but never had time to apply on it. So last week I went out with my camera and took some reference photos around. This is my work in progress after few hours of modeling (don’t laught, please… ). I post the reference photo, too. Even not finished, I like to hear from you, and will appreciate any suggestion about best way to texture/light a scene like this.

I don’t know why you think anyone would laugh? It looks pretty good to me :slight_smile:

Well done so far. You could add just a little bit of thickness to that little roof over the balcony and to the open parts of the chimney.
Maybe make that roof a seperate object and add a solidify modifier and extrude those holes in the chimney inwards.
Whatever works best for you. Will look out for updates.
Happy blending.

Looks pretty good to me, mate! Is this your first Blender model?

peter18: the ‘laugh’ part was that I need many hours to make a model could be simple for more expertize modeler :slight_smile:
aro124: thanks for you suggestions, I’ll try to follow them and will post next step :wink:
Lucas: I’m a long-time fan of Blender, but in the past I made only some simple non-textured objects, for app icons or similar. Never made a complete or complex model like this.

And thanks to all for your attention. Next update will be not prior to next week-end :smiley: