My Very First WIP :)

Hey there all!

Well I’m quite new to blender, and have been playing around with it for a while in between writing my thesis, so here is my first ‘scene’ inspired by the timeless Bill Wattersons ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ comics. I’m pretty happy with the modelling so far, I’m aiming for a toony feel and I think the models have captured that fine. But I’m having troubles with the texturing and lighting. So any comments would be gladly welcomed !

Thanks in advance.

Um, where’s the picture?

hmmm… It should be inserted… I’ll try fix it

Whatever you did it worked.

The overall scene looks great but you might consider making the arms look more like they are attached and making the bowling pins smoother and more curved.
Also make sure you do a set smooth on the whole scene, unless the trees are supposed to look like that?

As for texturing, start with the pallette colours so you get an outline of the scene and then start to change the colour to suit the mood of the scene. You might also consider adding a skybox to cover up any stray background.

hehehehe cool.

That looks so much like one of my pictures, it’s scary!

I never did finish it. :rolleyes: Thanks for the reminder. goes off to play with his snowman