my very own spider-ipod

Hi all!

This is my latest project made in blender. I first made a simple ipod and then I decided to attach som legs to make it able to walk for some reason…

Well I’ve uploaded the pictures below but there is two things i wanna know:

  1. How do you rigg robotlegs etc that has hydralics and wires attached to it? is there a way to make everything follow the object, retract etc.? do you know a good tutorial?

  2. How do you make a realistic defocus thing? I’ve tried to make it in the node editor but it ends up blurring the whole picture…

Anyway, here’s the pics, enjoy (if you can…)

![ ipod.jpg]( ipod.jpg)

I made this into:

Well, say what you think about it : )

How is it powered, where are they motors?

Not bad. If you set the object you want to defocus on a new render layer, you can manipulate that render layer separatly in the node editor. Cheers!

[email protected]: The motors is actually on the legs if you can say that, well there are hydralics on the legs that make them move but the computer-thing that “thinks” for the robot is inside the ipod itself. The data that tells the hydralics to retract etc travels along the wires you can see in the picture.

[email protected]: Ok, i’ll try that, though I think I’ve tried that before. Anyway thanks for the tip, i’ll se if it works : )

Ok I looked up a tutorial to make defocus and came up with this but I’d still wanna know about the rigging thing if anyone can help.

![ blur.jpg]( blur.jpg)