My WC Entry for this week!

(BgDM) #1

Well, since my entry for last week got absolutley no replies, I thought I would share this weeks as well. I am moving in a couple of weeks, so I got this done today in a rush, but it turned out OK, I think.

So, come on over to BgDM’s Blender Slop House and get a serving of Fried Ton Brains:

Done in good fun, and a very loose interpretation of the topic for this week.


(0ptikz) #2


I love this render, it is super sweet :stuck_out_tongue:

There isn’t a damn thing to crit, it looks pro…

I don’t suppose you’d post the image that you used for the reflection map would you? I’d love to see it.

(BgDM) #3

Hey! Thanks a lot [email protected] That means a lot coming from you.

The reflection map is from imgranpaboys site. I think it is still there. If not, I could probably email it to you, if he will let me send it out.

It is actually net envmapped either. Just pushed the REF button and set mapping to tube. That is all. Of course, with te ADD and EMIT pressed aswell.


(adyus) #4

yeah, i’ve got a crit! :wink: don’t worry, i LOVED it. but I keep wondering: what is that thing sticking out of the monkey: is it a spoon or “brains” flowing down?

(BgDM) #5

It’s a spoon. And how could they be flowing down? :wink:


(paradox) #6

WOW I love this picture. Great work.

(snailrose) #7

LoL!! If you lower the price to $14.95 you’ve got a deal :stuck_out_tongue:
Great work

(adyus) #8

well…is it just me or is the spoon chocolate-colored? wasn’t it supposed to be silver or something?

(S68) #9

Really cool!

My best wishes for the WC